Our team finds pleasure in interacting with students on campus, and we are enthusiastic about assisting the University in providing an environment that is conducive to learning and personal development.  As a unit of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management the Dean of Students Office upholds the values of the division by putting STUDENTS FIRST.  We pride ourselves on service to students, and are committed to fostering the type of environment that is characterized by collegiality, civility, safety, free-expression, and respect regardless of differences. The Dean of Students Office works collaboratively with other offices on campus to enhance the quality of student life, so please feel free to call on any one of us!

Our Mission

The mission of the Dean of Students Unit supports the mission of the University and the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management by promoting “student growth and life success” through advocacy, education, and communication according to the ethical standards of the National Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.


V.A.L.U.E.S Week

Monday, November 17th– Friday, November 21st

Monday, November 17-

  • 11am-2pm– Student Appreciation Day/ “It’s On Us” Recognition Day- The Student Government Association will provide free food (hot dogs, chips, etc) to students tailgate-style in the Rotunda area. Students will also receive printed information on what is means to be accountable to each other and Sexual Assault Awareness. This information will include places on campus to report violations or concerns.

Tuesday, November 18

  • All Day- Let Your Voice be Heard Day- The Student Media Staff will provide coffee and George-Anne newspapers to students in the Russell Union. Students will also be given an opportunity to make comments about using their voices on campus. These comments will be tweeted live by @TheCircleGSU. We hope the tweets will encourage conversation on Twitter as well.
  • 7pm– “It’s On Us” Open Mic Night- The Dean of Students Office will collaborate with Student Government to an host Open Mic Night where students will be encouraged to share their poetry, songs, and other artistic expressions surrounding topics of accountability like academic dishonesty, drugs/alcohol abuse, and sexual assault. Russell Union Commons

Wednesday, November 19

  • 11am-2pm- The Race Card Project (http://theracecardproject.com/)- The Multicultural Student Center is spending Fall semester introducing our campus to the Race Card Project since Michele Norris will be our MLK Celebration speaker in the Spring. Students will have the opportunity to share six words concerning race. All of these responses will be compiled in order to offer a community view of race and to open dialogue about race.

Thursday, November 20

  • 11am- 2pm– Fake ID Amnesty- University Police along with the Office of Student Conduct will offer students an opportunity to turn in their fake ID without retribution ONLY between the hours of 11am and 2pm. All students in the area will receive information on laws concerning fake identification and consequences of breaking those laws. Russell Union Commons

Friday, November 21

  • Academic Dishonesty Video- Each registered student will receive an email message from the Dean of students which will contain the link to a video. The video will explain the Code of Conduct definitions of Academic Dishonesty and consequences of academic dishonesty at Georgia Southern University. The link will be housed on the Student Conduct website.



Dean of Students • PO Box 8070 • (912) 478-3326 • deanofstudents@georgiasouthern.edu